Can dream succeed you in life? My Opinion

The value of dream is known to everyone. However, for some, this stands arguable. A few days back, I shared my views about a dream on a Linkedin post. The comment was liked by 17 persons so far. While appreciation of the comment from the erudite fellows is inspirational to me, at the same time it really made me thoughtful as to how come some other persons who had commented in the same post raved about the dream, calling it not worth the shot.

They were of opinion that dream doesn’t necessarily bring forth the success, and to say bluntly, it is the genesis of most failures or depressive mindset of those who followed or tried to follow their dreams only to have ended up being good for nothing. That was really painful to hear and was surprised to know how come something I value as one of the most vital factors to succeed in life could ever pronounce failure for the dreamers.

What made me flustered was the narrative of some naysayers, saying IT IS BAD ADVICE TO TELL PEOPLE DREAM. Seriously?

Dream, according to me

Before I move ahead, please read my viewpoint shared in the post titled “Follow your passion is bad advice” : –

Fact is, dreams breed objective, which further leads you to success. A life without an objective or goal is not worth living. The goal gives you a reason to justify that your life is worth something to hold on to. And the inspiration for achieving the goal comes when we dream about it. So we must follow our dream if it relates to the quality of life you envisage. World famous personalities like Steve Jobs valued the substance of their dreams and followed them till death. I just can’t believe how some studies could belittle dreams to the point of utter effrontery. Sad

Dream is the guiding principle by which you can base the quality of future you envisage. Example of Steve Job is not to advise you to become like him but at least nurture your dream as he did to become the kind of person you want to be. I know some people demean the dream just because they chased it to futility. Here, my point is, to dream doesn’t mean you should imitate successful persons but rather try to observe and learn from their character traits (if possible) to be successful in your life.

In contrast to the outlook of depressed fellows, my point about dream is it’s like a torch in a darkened tunnel guiding you about the ways to your destination.

I am the strong proponent of dream as a factor in helping you achieve something of your pursuit. Otherwise, the worth of living a life is senseless if it is devoid of a dream. The questionable integrity that most critiques attach with the dream is the result of their fallacy they may have gone through in their lives after pursuing the dream and having tasted the taste of failure as a result of following the dream.

I understand that if something has caused you to suffer failure, your admiration about it starts to wane from mild disappointment to fallacy and then to regression. This is the natural tendency of human beings to hate something which has failed them and so, the example of a dream as a failure can be called the representation of disappointment of the (failed) dreamers.

However, my point of view stands in contrast to naysayers.

I believe that dream does help you chase the kind of future you’ve envisaged. Success or failure is largely a matter of combined contribution of your karma and fate. For example, Steve Jobs and world-famous personalities like him believed in the substance of their dreams and followed them like an obsession till their death.

People like Steve didn’t downplay the substance of their dream, neither advised people not to follow the dream, because they knew that dream is the manifestation of success if it is followed by the same level of commitment, integrity, dedication, and tenacity that it requires dreamers to have as vital essentials.

Otherwise, dream holds no meaning if you do not support it with the requisites it demands you to bring it to reality. People dreaming about being one of the best novelists or engineers do not actualize their dream overnight but they burn midnight candles and work hard to achieve the dream. Failure is, of course, the outcome of the dream, but doesn’t it gift you one of the most important things to learn? Yes, and it is called – EXPERIENCE!

Some people say being realistic is vital. Well, I second their viewpoint, but can’t just reject the value of dream either, just because it is an abstraction. I believe that reality is EXPERIENCE that you earn after trying something. So basically it is your way of seeing things on the practical ground. Dream is abstraction but it is an abstract reality (that’s why some people make it sound divisive, no offence). Dream helps you get motivated to achieve something of your pursuit.

Here, the dream doesn’t mean to achieve anything but THAT thing within the compass of your capacity to achieve, but then again, unless you dream about it and work hard to get it, how can you even know it was impossible?

I understand that most people will not buy my say, calling it immature advice, but believe me; you can’t simply downplay the power of dream just because your experience about following it was bad, to the point of hopeless pursuit. There are countless people in the world who follow their dream but they empower their dream with mandatory requisites to make it (dream) work for them.

You just can’t let dream work for you if you don’t work for it. Dream helps you succeed in life unless you support with BURNING DESIRE and DEFINITE purpose to achieve it.

Mr A.P.J Abdul Kalam had summed up dream so rightfully –

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